How to hire a Ford Mustang in Orlando Florida USA

It seems that many people that travel to the USA, in particular Orlando Florida area, would like the full American car hire experience of hiring a Ford Mustang for their holiday vacation.

Unfortunately when you reserve a vehicle like a Ford Mustang through a UK broker or any car rental company direct in advance you will not be guaranteed any particular make or model of vehicle. What you will be guaranteed is a 'category' of vehicle. For instance, if you were on the website and you saw a Ford Mustang Convertible being advertised you will need to bare in mind that as part of the terms and conditions of any rental you are not guaranteed that particular car. What you are being guaranteed is a 'Convertible' This can be substituted for any make or model of Convertible. Most good companies will advertise the Ford Mustang (or similar). *Ask your booking agent in advance of booking.

Here are a few tips on Ford Mustang hire;

Book with a company that offers Budget Car Rental as a supplier. Budget tend to buy in many Ford vehicles. This means that you will increase your chance of getting a Mustang as many other rental companies do not buy Ford vehicles for their fleet.

Book a car large enough for your needs and try to upgrade locally to a Ford Mustang. If you hire a car that will be adequate for your journey you can always try to negotiate an upgrade to a vehicle you really want when you collect. Please be aware that any local upgrade charges will be calculated on a daily basis and be subject to local taxes. The upgrade charges will not supersede any pre-paid rental fees you have paid in advance for your hire. Please make sure you check your rental agreement before you sign it and ask for all charges to be explained.

Here is a useful link on the subject provided by Trip Advisor (A consumer travel advice forum). Ford Mustang Hire Florida USA

Ford Mustang

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