Frequently Asked Questions
booking extras question
Can I do a One Way Rental and how much do they cost?
Can you get sat nav in the vehicles?
What is a deposit imprint? As I do not hold a major credit card, only Switch/Maestro card.
I want to access my account. How do I obtain a login/password to update my details?
What is the maximum age of cars
Can I hire a roof rack please to carry snowboards?
Which companies provide snow tyres or snow chains for 7 seater minivans? At what cost?
I am a UK resident if I book a car in florida will my US friends be able to drive it also.
Do you except cash deposits at your Las Vegas - Nevada location?
Can I collect the car full of petrol and return it full of petrol.
Can i hire a car suitable for one hand driving?
Is breakdown cover included within the Gold option?
What is the cost of an additional driver?
Is roadside assistance included in rates or what happens if car breaks down?
Can I hire an toddler car seat with the car on this site?
Where do I get a disabled parking permit from?
When I try to book it is coming up 'basket empty' even though I have ticked the box?
How do I get to the pick up location from the hotel I am staying at?
Where is the Alamo pick up point at Sanford Airport?
What happens if they do not have the group of car available that I have ordered?
What is 'Fast Track' with Budget?
When the additional driver is under 25, do you still have to pay a fee for underage drivers?
Do you have any automatic vehicles as they are not showing this in the description of the vehicle?
Up to what age do you need a car seat in America?
How do I book a car seat and how much extra is it?
How can I get a promotion code?
Can I add a Dollar Express number to a booking?
Do vehicles have GPS fitted, or can this be had as an option?
Can I rent a Sat Nav?