Frequently Asked Questions
Have booked but not yet collected vehicle
What do your rates include?
What documentation do I need?
Are there any hidden charges?
What is the difference between Silver, Gold and Platinum?
What happens if I do not take my voucher with me ?
What happens if I do not take my licence with me ?
Can I drive the vehicle out of State?
I have points on my licence, Can I still hire?
What is a voucher?
When will I receive my voucher?
How do I download my voucher?
I am having problems downloading my voucher.
What are the cancellation terms?
How do I cancel?
Why do you need it in writing?
If I return the vehicle early will I receive a refund for unused days?
How old are the vehicles?
What happens if my flight is delayed?
Can I make amendments to a booking?
What is the minimum/maximum age to rent a car online?
What happens if I do not have a credit card?
What happens when a car is on request? How do I know if it is booked/available?
Can you get sat nav in the vehicles?
Can you provide childrens car seats?
What is a deposit imprint? As I do not hold a major credit card, only Switch/Maestro card.
I have elected to leave a deposit for my car hire, how do go about paying the balance?
I want to access my account. How do I obtain a login/password to update my details?
Is there a minimum term for having held a full driving license in order to hire a car?
Do we require an international driving permit or will our UK or European driving license be sufficie
How do I alter my booking details?
Does the Silver, Gold and Platinum insurance cover collision damage waiver?
Does the additional driver require a credit card?
Is there a maximum period that I can rent a car for ?
What is the maximum age of cars
I have made two bookings I have reedemed one booking how can I redeem my other booking
Can I hire a roof rack please to carry snowboards?
Which companies provide snow tyres or snow chains for 7 seater minivans? At what cost?
I am a UK resident if I book a car in florida will my US friends be able to drive it also.
Do you except cash deposits at your Las Vegas - Nevada location?
Can I collect the car full of petrol and return it full of petrol.
Can i hire a car suitable for one hand driving?
In the event of an accident/theft, do you have to pay an excess charge.
Is breakdown cover included within the Gold option?
What is the cost of an additional driver?
Is roadside assistance included in rates or what happens if car breaks down?
Can I hire an toddler car seat with the car on this site?
Are all parts coverd by your insurance ie tyres, underside of car etc?
Can cars be dropped off in Canada . Pick up Denver drop off Calgary?
Is it necessary to have an international drivers licence? I have a full UK licence.
Can I upgrade the car if it is too small?
Will a normal Australian drivers licence be sufficient
Where do I get a disabled parking permit from?
Where do I stand if I turn up for my car and it is dirty?
On the Gold option do I return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel or empty?
Can I rent a vehicle using my partners credit card to hire a car as I dont have a credit card myself
Would it be possible to change the vehicle type after booking but before collection?
Is the car fuel tank full on collection?
Where do we go on arrival at sanford airport to pick up vehicle?
How do I get to the pick up location from the hotel I am staying at?
How much time do i have to collect the voucher once I received the email alert?
If I book the inclusive rate with Alamo how many drivers can I have?
Are there any additional charges to pay at collection or does this price include everything payable?
Where is the Alamo pick up point at Sanford Airport?
Can I drop off or pick up a vehicle earlier than the stated time?
If an uninsured driver hits the hire car are you covered with either inclusive or gold?
How do I cancel my order?
I have already paid the deposit, how do I complete the balance and recieve my Evoucher?
When do I add extra drivers to my rental?
I booked the car yesterday, When will I have to pay?
Do I need a photo license?
What is 'Fast Track' with Budget?
Can I rent a car in the US and travel to Mexico?
How do I change my e-mail address?
What is ( PFAR ) mean on E Ticket ?
What happens if I do not own a credit card but have a visa 'debit' card?
If the lead driver credit card has been lost can the additional driver use their card?
Do you have any automatic vehicles as they are not showing this in the description of the vehicle?
Up to what age do you need a car seat in America?
How and where do I pick up the car?
Where in the airport do we pick up the keys for the car?
How do I book a car seat and how much extra is it?
Can I add a Dollar Express number to a booking?
Do vehicles have GPS fitted, or can this be had as an option?
Can I rent a Sat Nav?
How much is the deposit meant to be that you leave when collecting your car?
Does the extra drivers need to be present when collecting the hire car?
Do I require an International Driving Permit to hire in Florida?